may 21, 2013

Just wanted to let any visitors know that this site is not dead. After I will be done with the major update of my main art site, Midnight Tears, I'll give this one an overhaul.

I have just added a new affiliate, Ariashii Designs.

april 28, 2011

Oh dear, I can't believe it's been ages upon ages since my last update. I do have been making icons which I'm going to add to the site over the next days, or maybe I'll be able to get everything done in one day even.

All in all I've got - hold on tight to your seat - 445 newicons. I haven't added them all to the recent page since that would be a gigantic file and take forever to load. Particularly, there are 69 movie, 13 actors, 17 actress, 2 fashion, 29 Christmas, 73 cities, 63 random stock, 57 seasonal stock, 27 roads (subject), 24 books, 4 Angel, 1BtVS, 4 Criminal Minds, 2 LotS, 21 The Mentalist, 3 Merlin, 43 Vampire Diaries, and 3 Veronica Mars icons. Hope anyone, who still comes by, likes them.

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