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04 03 02 01 ready unbelievable like no one is watching deadly five by five not friends surprise reprise all consuming it's not easy being green I drove all night wish knowing oh dear hold on, hold on forever safe in your arms safe with you stop and stare light shocked we were father and son want visionary hold tightly all that's left is pain beloved beloved cold as ice search hey, I'm cool, man bad hair day doubt losing my religion eat up no shit sherlock cutting edge manual of life want to know can't fool me see it all united agent, secret agent undercover detached lost the will to fight demands you're as cold as ice undress me wounds wounds extraordinary extraordinary help fighter ages lonesome lonesome calculate enthralled thoughts oh dear oh dear lost without you lost without you all together now don't care normalcy who are you she's so pretty dangerous team work distrust never easy I've got you slayer right behind you you and me team girl power knowledge guy it's not easy being green angelic oh dear old school no mercy vision girl beside you worry comfort missing you missing you road to redemption