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confused thoughtful fighter deadly Team I Feel Alive Huh? Don't Leave Me This Way Undress Me Lost Without You The Heart Dreaming My Dreams A Little Piece of You Worries My Guy Angelic Gone Wrong Protection Hotness ... And Action no words not without you your smile You, Me, Dressing Room Classic Beauty Irresistible Lost You Longing Sometimes When We Touch Lost Without You Symbolic Actions Burning Smile Worry Beginnings So Good Dance Just You Holding On Demon Futile Resistance Visions All I Ever Was Only Pain Close All New Doesn't Matter Hide Loveable Lurking Save Me Touched Deep Thoughts Missed You Missed You New Daddy Feels Like Home Harmony Fickle Stalked Scales Of Life You Shine Strings Attached Vamp Now Nothing Else Matters Knight Don't Let Go Wondering Fighter Suspicious Mine Everything Complicated Sexy No Resistance Finally Angel In Love Don't Care Never Forget Never Stop No Fear I'm Too Sexy The Beginning Uh-Oh Dream Girl Live or Die Dark Avenger Ecstasy Behind You Wicked Five by Five Beaten Come What May Heart and Soul Together Betrayed Bloodsucker Willing to Help I'm With You Waiting For Him Tonight It's Just You and Me